Receive Private Coaching On Your Screenplay From A Credited Disney Writer

Kids ages 12-17  learn how to write a meaningful, well-structured screenplay even if they're total newbies!

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The Create Awesome Screenplays Course Teaches Young Writers How To Get Their AMAZING Stories Out Their Heads And On To The Page!

You have a great screenplay idea. But you don't know how to organize it into a meaningful story that has a cohesive plot with fully developed characters. You've read a few great screenwriting books, watched a number of really good YouTube videos but still feel stuck and frustrated.

Well fret no longer...

Create Awesome Screenplays course offers kids ages 12 to 17 personalized coaching to START and FINISH a meaningful, well-structured screenplay!

It's frustrating having a great story idea and not understanding how to structure it into a compelling screenplay.

There's so much involved in writing a great script that it can be intimidating, leaving you feeling stuck--not knowing where to begin or end.

Or what if perfectionism is getting in the way? Blocking your creativity.

Maybe you're afraid to begin your story because you don't think it will be good enough. So your project never gets started. 

And then there are those who don't have a story idea but really want to write a screenplay.

Where do you start? How do you come up with great story ideas that will translate into a great screenplay? 

Our writers learn how to break through resistance, find their voice, and write their story. Regardless of roadblocks they have faced in the past.

Our students learn how to write from the inside out, in order to truly connect with their audience. Resonance is key when it comes to crafting a great story.

Our personalized approach helps students discover the true heart of their stories. 

Inexperienced writers learn how to take clear, actionable steps to write a solid story that connects with an audience intellectually and emotionally.

Writers know, we don't just tell stories to tell them. We tell stories to impact others.

So, it's important to understand how to write these stories in compelling ways that can be dramatized for films in any genre.

Screenwriting Kids - Create Awesome Screenplay Course

Create Awesome Screenplays course provides screenplay coaching for young writers ages 12 to 17. With our online course, young writers we be taught the storytelling techniques used by their course creator, Debbie Wright, a professional credited Disney writer with an MFA in Creative Writing.

We know writing a screenplay is daunting enough. And sitting in front of a video course will not always get you there. But having an invested writing coach by your side, rooting you on, giving you valuable storytelling instruction and feedback (during group live sessions) is the personal touch you need to get your screenplay into top shape.

Special offer! Enroll now and receive a BONUS 1-HOUR Coaching Session!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

After signing up for the STANDARD or PREMIUM COURSE, you will have immediate access to your video training, course materials, personalized feedback on your story, and if you are a PREMIUM member, you will receive
 FIVE 1-HOUR COACHING SESSIONS on your story as well as personalized weekly check-ins on your progress to keep you on track.

Personalized Feedback

STANDARD and PREMIUM course members receive written feedback on each step of the course.

​One-On-One Coaching

PREMIUM members receive FIVE private one-hour coaching sessions on their screenplay.

Professional Script Notes

PREMIUM members receive professional notes on their completed screenplay.

Access To Professional Writer

Students are able to ask questions at any point of the course during their LIFETIME membership.

Here Are Some Of Our Charter School Clients

We also provide our AMAZING course to a number of private charter schools. 

Premium and Standard course modules include:


Module 1: Defining Your Story

Students learn how to bring focus to their screenplay by using proven, step-by-step story development techniques that are comprehensive yet easy to follow.


Module 2: Shaping Your Story

Students learn how to plot their hero's journey and visualize the shape of their story as it relates to character arcs and conflict.


​Module 3: Understanding Your Characters

Students learn how to define their characters, making them three-dimensional living, breathing beings with internal and external flaws that deepen and inform their story.


​Module 4: Deepening Your Story

We'll go over the more technical aspects of bringing depth to a story and it's characters. Students learn the techniques professional screenwriters use to write meaningful and compelling stories.


​Module 5: Building Great Scenes

Students learn the various techniques to build great scenes that move the plot forward and reveal character as it relates to the dramatic question.


​Module 6: Advanced Storytelling

Students learn advanced story techniques that bring depth to characterization, plot, dialogue, and other story elements.


Module 7: Write Your Script

​​Now it's time to put together all of the amazing tools and resources provided in this uniquely personalized course and write that awesome screenplay!


Module 8: Script Notes

Premium course students receive extensive notes (coverage) on their completed screenplay and receive a 1-hour consultation regarding their script notes.


Create Awesome Screenplay course BONUSES!

In addition to all of the personalized coaching, written feedback, and additonal support, we prepare our students with the tools they need to become purposeful writers.

bonus 1
Story Templates

Students receive detailed story development templates guiding them through Act I, II, & III of their screenplay. 

Bonus 2
Instructor Support

Students in both the STANDARD and PREMIUM course receive hands on support on the course writing prompts.

Bonus 3
Course Updates

With your LIFE-TIME access, you will receive course updates in both the STANDARD and PREMIUM course.

About Our Founder,
Debbie Marie Wright

Debbie Marie was the recipient of the prestigious Disney Fellowship where she wrote for Disney/ABC Family.

She was a Staff Writer for the ABC Family Drama Lincoln Heights and a script reader for the Disney Fellowship Program. Debbie is currently a volunteer writing mentor with the amazing non-profit organization WriteGirl, and is in the process of producing a Young Adult fiction novel while completing her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University.

Since 2009, Debbie has taught young writers the power of telling a great story that delivers an impactful message through fully realized characters and compelling plots.

Debbie puts her entire heart into empowering young writers to find their voice and tell their stories.

Feel free to schedule a call with Debbie to learn more about this AMAZING course.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Frank Bennett Gonzalez

Former Director, Talent Development Disney ABC Television Group and current DGA Executive in Charge of Diversity Programs and Committees

Debbie is an exceptional person and an outstanding screenwriter. Her passion for children and skill with story and characters make her an INCREDIBLE teacher for the next generation of creative writers.

Mina Lefevre

Former VP Programming and Development ABC Family and current Head of Development and Programming Facebook Watch​

Debbie is a talented and gifted writer that has a lot to offer young people seeking television and screenwriting careers. She is a wonderful storyteller with the unique ability to capture her audience with interesting and strong character driven scripts.

​Private Coaching and Personalized Feedback!

What online screenwriting course actually takes the time to connect with their students and provide private coaching and personalized feedback on their writing?
Our Create Awesome Screenplays course is fully interactive and we're fully invested in our students completing meaningful, well-structured stories. 

Our students get the opportunity to work with a professional writer and script reader who knows what it takes to make a screenplay work.

The value of working with a credited writer and learning how to receive notes, crosses over to several other writing disciplines. Professional private writing coaches can charge up to $5,000 for their services. But as we prepare our students to write on a professional level, we aim to make our course as accessible as possible.

So don't delay. Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional writer who is devoted to seeing you succeed!

standard course



  • Essential writing prompts to unlock plot points for Acts I, II, III
  • Professional techniques on writing from the inside out, getting to the heart of the story
  • Bonus video lesson updates on key screenwriting elements. 
  • Advanced techniques to deepen story through characters, dialogue, story structure, thematic message, etc.
  • Self-paced learning with instructional videos, interactive writing assignments, story templates, written materials, and quizzes.
  • One-year access to course materials including all updates.
Premium course

Advanced BONUS sessions 



  • Everything included in Standard course PLUS...
  • Private LIVE group sessions.
  • Weekly coaching check-ins to maintain writing momentum
  • Post script module that covers possible next steps (contests submissions, seeking representation, etc.)
  • Private community group access to provide interaction with other students.

Receive an additional SIX MONTHS access to course on top of your one-year membership. Offer closes on August 29th 2021


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for


We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

A lot of time and continued effort is placed in our exceptional Create Awesome Screenplays course. But we honor all refund request made within the first 30-days of enrolling into the course, as long as all of the private coaching sessions have not been redeemed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

Both the Standard and Premium courses are designed to complete in 90-days. However, it is up to the student to apply focus and discipline in finishing the course and completing their screenplay.

What if I don't have a story idea?

We will help you! The course is designed to stir up creative ideas that will bring you to a fully realized story.

What if I don't have a story idea?

We will help you! Your coach will work with you to formulate your story idea and guide you through the process of creating a fully developed screenplay.

Are there cohorts?

Due to the open enrollment nature of the course, there are no cohorts. But students do have the opportunity to interact with each other, via our private group.

Can I receive script coverage?

We provide resources where students may submit their screenplay for coverage. Coverage is a thorough written analyses of the screenplay performed by a professional script reader.

Can I also learn how to write a t.v. script?

Although our course focuses on writing meaningful, well-structured screenplays, students in our Premium course do have access to a special module on creating a t.v. pilot.

Can I get help pitching my screenplay?

Yes. Premium level students receive additional post script guidance in a special lesson module that includes pitching.

Can I receive one-on-one coaching sessions?

Premium level students will have the opportunity to enroll in limited space 1-hour private one-on-one coaching sessions for an additional fee. These special sessions are provided on a limited basis and are conducted via Zoom. 

Can I get additional coaching sessions? 

Yes. When special private coaching sessions are made available, Premium level course students can opt to purchase additional sessions. Private coaching is offered on a limited basis. Students will be notified when coaching sessions are open for enrollment.

Founder's personal note

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Screenwriting Kids! For over a decade, I have had the honor of teaching young writers how to find their voices and use them to tell meaningful and impactful narratives that deeply resonate with their audiences.

I believe in empowering young writers to tell their stories with depth and integrity. Writers, we hold a great responsibility to tell the truth and to tell it well.

There's so much going on in the world, and it's often the writer's job to help others make sense of it all. When we create characters who share our wounds and our triumphs, it's our way of offering a reassuring hand that you do not stand alone--we are all in this together.

Happy Writing Always!

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